Servicing a growing medicinal cannabis industry

100% Owned by THC Limited, Crystal Mountain Manufacturing is a Canadian-based hydroponic equipment wholesale supplier to the North American market.

Fast paced and innovative R&D Division with increased resources offering considerable growth potential.

Executing strategic partnerships to further develop the North American Hydroponics business in most capital efficient manner.

Expanding base across USA and Europe including new product deals as well as capturing the explosive North American home-grow and micro-LP market which has expanded greatly in the recent months, opening new opportunities for Crystal Mountain.

Over 600 products and proprietary trademarked products including lighting and power supplies, lighting relays and climate controls, ventilation and trimming, extraction bags, plant rotation systems, eyewear, nutrients and accessories etc.

Crystal Mountain provides guidance, service and support to home growers and Micro LP in legal Canadian recreational cannabis marketplace. It has strong distribution networks for hydroponic equipment and nutrients across Canada, UK, Europe and USA. With 9 established trademarks across a range of product categories and many products in their catalogue, it is diverse with the added strength of being nimble and scalable.

Crystal Mountain Products range.

Proprietary Trademarked Products

  • Lighting and power supplies
  • Lighting relays and Climate control
  • Ventilation and Trimming
  • Extraction bags
  • Plant rotation systems
  • Eyewear
  • Nutrients and accessories

Sample of products from the Crystal Mountain Products range.

CMP Facility – British Columbia CANADA